Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for becoming a client of West End Collars?

The process involves three steps:

  1. Receiving an email confirmation from Time to Pet with an onboarding checklist and instructions.
  2. A meet-and-greet with the owner to go over care routines and security procedures.
  3. Once agreed upon, a confirmation and invoice for the requested dates are sent, and 50% of your total payment is charged upon booking, and the remaining 50% is charged 3 days before the first appointment.

What services are offered?

Dog walks, pet drop-in visits, and overnight pet sitting, with customizable times and additional services like plant watering, litterbox turnover service, and administering medication(s).

What is the pre-reservation checklist?

Before leaving for a trip, ensure pet supplies and medications are stocked, electronic door batteries are charged, a functioning key is in the lockbox, and all home access codes on Time to Pet are correct. Update any changes in pet care routine, and inform West End Collars of expected departure and return times.

How does the app work?

After creating a client account, you can download the app to communicate with your sitter, schedule appointments, pay invoices, tip sitters, and upload vaccine records. All communication, booking, and invoicing is done via the App. Sitters will not text/call to communicate with owners unless it is an emergency.

What kind of updates will I receive after a visit?

After each visit, a detailed visit report card is sent via the client portal. This report includes photos, a checklist of tasks completed, a timestamp of appointment, and a GPS map of route if it is a dog walk.

Are there any special fees for holidays?

Yes, there is a 50% per visit surcharge for services performed over major holidays so that pet care providers can receive time and a half. Sitters receive 100% of holiday surcharge.

How does the billing and cancellation policy work?

Vacation bookings are charged a 50% deposit upon booking, the remainder is automatically charged 3 days prior to the first appointment. Daily dog walking can be invoices weekly, or biweekly and charged 3 days before services start. Cancellations need at least 24 hours’ notice, and 7 days for holidays to receive a credit. Credits are available for up to a year. West End Collars does not provide refunds.

What are the house key policies?

West End Collars operates a keyless system, requiring keys to be stored in a lockbox on your property or providing one backup key for electronic systems. We can provide a lockbox for $30. Please request this prior to the meet and greet to avoid a $10 drop-off fee. 

Can West End Collars guarantee visit arrival times?

Due to the nature of animal care, exact times can’t be guaranteed, but time windows and priority scheduling for medication needs are provided. 

What is the overnight pet sitting schedule?

Our overnight service is from 9pm-7am. It does not include an afternoon visit or any visits before 9pm. Afternoon & dinner appointments must be scheduled separately.

Does West End Collars have a referral program?

We do! When referred by a client both you, and the client will receive a $20 credit. It is important to add the referrals time to your details when creating your Time To Pet account.

*Referral credits do not expire.

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